Wipster will be joining the video community at NAB in Las Vegas to showcase our beautiful, intuitive, video review platform and ... drumroll please... demo Wipster Mobile.

Free versions

You've told us that uploading new versions on top of old ones is one of your favorite parts about Wipster.

We don't want to stand in the way of that. We want you to be able to make many iterations as you need. So as of now, all new versions of a video are free. They won't count against your upload quota.

building your video editing business

You’re fresh out of school. You’ve been waiting for this moment for four years, and now it’s happened: you’ve landed your first corporate client. What next? Here are some tips to help you kick things off and build a solid business.

Production Manager - Innovalearn

Wipster sits down with Heather McLendon, a production manager and assistant director at Innovalearn, a Georgia, US-based company specializing in e-learning solutions and training videos. Heather’s background is in theater, having worked previously as an actor and stage manager.

12 Incredibly Useful Software Tools for Video Pros

Freelance video production is an amazing job but today’s freelancer needs to be a production manager, editor, motion graphic designer, client relationship manager, and more. Fortunately, the tools available for pros have never been better, or more affordable. Let’s take a look at a few of our picks.

Attention Video Producers: Don't make these 5 mistakes

Having shot professionally for the better part of a decade, Russ Fairly has screwed up a lot. Maybe more than most. He shares his biggest mistakes made on shoots and how to prevent them from happening again.

Wipster releases new features

We’ve brought you an all-new approval system, enhanced password protection, shareable links and a whole new way to share multiple videos at the same time. And those are just the headlines: almost every aspect of the app has been enhanced to be better, faster and more productive.

Video will be huge in 2015!

It’s been a massive year for video, but here at Wipster we’re already turning our minds to 2015. Putting it simply, we’re excited. Things are moving fast on a multitude of fronts. Here’s a few of our predictions for what is going to make video explode in 2015.

12 must have apps for filmmakers

From storyboarding to location scouting, casting to collaboration, there are now an array of exciting applications available for the busy filmmaker. Wipster looks at the current landscape of apps for desktop and mobile devices. These are some of our favorites that will help freelancers and studio pros alike streamline their production workflow.

What makes a killer showreel?

Showreels can often be your one and only shot to wow a potential client. Wipster wanted to hear from the pros on how to best do that. We chatted with some of the most well-respected people in video to chime in on what makes a killer showreel. We've also included a few that caught our attention. Read on to find plenty to consider for your next reel.